Friday, April 03, 2009

Guitar Hero Mickey


aurora said...

Hi!Love your art! Before I found you I had an Idea that nintendo disney and pixar could come together and make a gutar-drum-singing game! wouldn't it be so cool if donkey sang? or micckey or pikachu played the gutar? or if sonic played super-fast drums?
they could play disney music, rock, or even jass! If you think this is cool and you can tell someone or know a email address to someone important to disney person you don't have to say "some girl posted on my blog and gave me this idea" you could say it was your idea! but if you don't want too, just tell me what you think about the idea!

A artist with bro that rocks at gutar

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Sam said...

Hi Aurora,
Thanks for the comment. Yeah that is a cool idea but since all those characters are owned by different companies it would be a licencing nightmare. It would be cool if they maybe did an all Disney Guitar Hero game like they do with DDR. Thanks for checking out my blog.